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Red Wing Cotton Double Boot Sock

Rugged and plush. 

by Martin Hackworth

Photos: Martin Hackworth, JR Hackworth

Red Wing Boot Socks

     OK - I'm going to do all of you a huge favor. I am advising you to get yourselves to your nearest Red Wing store as soon as possible and get a set of these socks. Please do so before your next ride. These socks, a medium-loop blend of 86% cotton and 15% nylon spandex, are the finest that I've ever worn for trail riding - and it's not even close. You need a pair.

     Most motorcycle socks are made for racing and, in my opinion, are not up to the task of all day trail riding. Most MX socks, for one thing, are way too thin. Thin is OK if you are racing and don't want to sacrifice sensitivity for the pegs and controls. But for trail riding, where most of us wear bulker boots anyway, MX socks just don't cut it. They aren't that great at wicking away moisture after a while, they provide little padding and no support. On rides like The Tour of Idaho, where you are up on your pegs all day for many days, your feet take a beating. These are the first pair of socks I've ever been able to ride all day in without some discomfort in my feet. 

     I have not had a chance to ride in these yet on really hot days, but for temps up into the 80's they have worked just fine. The extra thickness about 50% thicker than most MX socks) has not resulted in any heat-related discomfort - at least yet. The extra support is really appreciated as the hours grow long and your legs still feel fresh. They come all the way up to the knee for comfort under guards and braces and have a flat seams for comfort everywhere else.

     About the only thing these socks lack is are fancy logos and bright colors, which you can't see under your boots anyway. Well, that and a high price tag. These socks retail for less than ten bucks. Again, you need a pair. I guarantee it. 
Red Wing Boot Sock
Red Wing Cotton Double Boot Socks #97239

$9.99 from Red Wing

The Good: Excellent comfort and durability.
The Rad: One less excuse to not keep riding.
The Gnarly: Look like construction worker boot socks (Doh!).

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